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Wingbags & Wingcovers

Protect your investment!


We have recently obtained a new product in our line. They are red and blue wingbags.

We offer three different sizes of wingbags. These bags are well constructed with commercial quality fabric and zippers. All bags have padded adjustable dividers of rip stop-nylon inside to separate the wing panels. They also have side pockets for the stab, rudder, accessories, etc.

The small bag is 43 inches long. It has an outside pocket for the fuse with a zipper at the nose, so that the batteries may be charged without removing the fuse from the bag. This bag was designed especially for the AVA, but also works well for the Bubble Dancer, or Mini Graphite and other planes.

Our large bag is 62 inches long and was designed to fit large gliders. The bag has padded compartments divided by two ripstop covered foam dividers. The bag also has three tabbed compartments for stabs, wing rods or accessories.

All bags feature an additional outside compartment to allow your glider fuse to be carried externally for convenient servicing of radio equipment. A tabbed loop is added for easy hanging from a peg.


Protect your planes from harmful UV rays!

These quality wingcovers feature quality-sewed fabric holding a foam inside and reflective material on the outside together.

Availability, Pricing, Ordering:

49" Wingbag
63.7" Wingbag
Wingcover - ELF
Wing/Fuse/Stab Cover - Snipe/Snipe 2
Wing/Fuse/Stab Cover - YODA
Wingcover - AVA/AVA Pro (wing & stab)
Wingcover - Supra Pro
Wingcover - Plus Pro (wing & stab)
Wingcover - Plus X (wing & stab)
Wingcover - Maxa/Maxa Pro

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