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Plus Pro

The Plus Pro seems to be a radical design, but in fact it is simply a smart design. It incorporates leading edge technology in almost every component. In fact, even in its creation, in collaboration with possibly the world’s top RC Soaring modeler and multi-discipline world champion, Joe Wurts, the Plus Pro is special.

Many of the techniques and materials to build this model only exist at Vladimir's Models.

The wing panels are made in a proprietary molding process in which Vladimir’s own design carbon skins are pressed on to precision-milled Rohacell foam in order to insure bonding and skin hardness as well as finish.

The three-piece wing consists of five panels, a flapped center panel, two main panels and outboard aileron panels.

The multihedral wing form ensures perfect turning and straight tracking with very low pilot management.

The twin tailbooms have flat blades which key over the wing joiners and are invisible once the main wing panels are joined to the center panel. Each have a molded-in, low cost KST servo mount to operate the pull lines to operate each half of the “spring action” A-tails. Each half of the A-tail is molded to a tailboom and no tools are required for assembly. These removable components make shipping, travel and assembly easy. The A-tail ruddervators offer superior aeronautical advantage by providing both roll and yaw with only rudder command input.

The Plus Pro fuselage pod is attached to the center wing panel via two small screws.

The Plus Pro utilizes a small outrunner type motor turning a 12x8 pusher prop.

The flight-tested design has proven that the prop is NOT in the path of the launcher’s body or hand, but the light weight of the entire ship makes a simply-programmed safety feature possible. The plane is launched in Motor Launch Start Position #1, which causes the prop to be barely turning, so there is no chance of any kind of injury from the prop. The Plus F5J will easily glide out and away at which point the pilot initiates Motor Launch Search Switch Position #2. Launch Climb Switch Position #3 allows the pilot to either run or climb for the final amount of his allotted 30-second motor run time.

The Plus Pro will be shipped in a returnable Sportube.


Available Wing Color Schemes:

Carboline w/Red Accent Carboline w/Blue Accent Carboline w/Orange Accent Carboline w/Neon Pink Accent Carboline w/Neon Green Accent



Wing Span


Wing Area

Empty Weight

Flying Weight

Wing Loading






1,108 sq. in.

26.8 oz.

37.7* oz.

4.9 oz./sq. ft.



* depending on version and installed equipment

Availability, Pricing, Ordering:

Plus Pro - Starting at $2,118.00

Suggested RC Components

1 Scorpion SII-2215-1127KV (V2) Motor

1 Motor Shaft for Scorpion S11-2215

30A Motor Controller

1 12x8 Propeller

1 3S1P 650/450/850mAh LiPo Battery

3 MKS HV6110 Servos for Flap/Flaperons

4 KST X08H Servos for Ailerons

2 KST 08 Servos for Elevators


Wing covers
Spektrum Receiver


Plus F5J Building Instructions (coming)

Surface Deflection Setup


Plus Replacement Parts

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